Surfing at Beach 90

Rockaway Beach, Queens New York

However, Getting there is definitely not half the fun!!!!

Why bust your hump transporting your board to and from the action ā€“
When you can keep it at Rockaway Beach

Store your board and gear at Lock Nā€™ Surf

Lock Nā€™ Surf is your complete surfing storage solution. We are a private, safe and secure facility where you can store all of your surfing equipment and your street clothes.

You can leave dressed the way you came and no one needs to know you took sometime off to go surfing.

We provide the following:

  • 24 hour access to your board
  • Private lockers for your equipment and street clothes
  • Private showers and bathroom
  • Facilities to hose down your gear
  • A complete INDOOR facility

We are within walking distance from the A train and to the Beach 90 break.